Zeiss VR One 2016
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Zeiss VR One 2016

The company that provides high defined and precise lenses for all the leading brands has now finally become a part of the VR race, providing the gamer’s with a mobile based HDM to pose a competition for Samsung Gear VR. Although it’s features and specifications offer lesser vitality than the Samsung Gear VR, but its low and affordable price may help it land in the list of potential virtual reality headsets. 


What sets it apart is the feature that Zeiss has made virtual reality possible to all those smart phone users whose gadgets can easily run the software. And they make it possible through a tray system that fits different phones into the headgear. You can very easily get one for your iPhone 6 or you Samsung S5 or S6, or you can get a 3D print copy of it for your smartphone with a screen size of 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches. 


The picture resolution and display, also the audio, tracking and processing quality solely depends on the smart phone you’re using with the VR one, but Zeiss’ precision lenses provide a field of view of about a 100 degrees. The lenses are of top notch quality and do not give any blurry headache inducing visuals. It also comes with various ventilation features so the screen doesn’t become foggy and you get served with the best picture available. 


The Zeiss VR headgear is smart, sleek and aptly sized, but you will also require the overhead strap for a better and more comfortable fit. Apart from the two touch sensitive side surfaces, it has no more buttons and it works beautifully, although it can still impose a little difficulty for those who are still anew to the VR concept. 

The Zeiss One VR can easily run any app which has been designed for Unity3D SDK which is an open source platform that contains a butt load of content stored in it. It also offers a couple of proprietary apps which includes the VR one media center app, which allows you to launch other VR apps which is already present in your smartphone without removing your VR headset. The Zeiss VR shows some real potential as it also sports a see through glass front shield which allows the use if smartphone cameras for augmented reality applications. 


To sum it all up, the Zeiss VR one does everything you expect it to do, in such a low price of $129. Possibly the Best Buy for all the amateurs out there, and a good option for the professionals if you wish to buy an inexpensive VR with a nice set of specifications. 

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