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Xbox One VR

Samsung Gear VR may be the current best virtual reality headset in the market right now, but it’s no match for the Xbox One VR headset for which a lot of gamers are impatiently waiting for.

According to Microsoft, who is a associated with the consumer edition Oculus Rift, the company has validated that the Xbox One gamers are going to be able to track games to the VR headset.

As the date of release of this VR headset is approaching the expected day, the details and rumours have also started coming in. From our calculations and what we have collected from this gossip hovering around is that the Xbox VR is going to be launched next year, alongside a set of Xbox VR games. Although the working title holds the word VR, but to our utter consolation it is also going to be launched on PC and PS4.


Since the PlayStation VR’s shipment is still on the dealt list till the very end of October, there is now a very likely prospect of Microsoft releasing a potential rival for PS VR in the coming six to nine months. Having said this, it clearly indicates that this much talked rival us the heavy-duty Xbox One gaming console which is all set to be introduced with the anew PlayStation 4.

Now, coming back to the Xbox One VR news, Xbox chief Phil Spencer, at the E3 briefing, gave away the news of the high-end VR disguised under the code-name “Project Scorpio”. At the Xbox round up earlier this June, Spencer summoned into action the VR headset as another big feature of Scorpio, but didn’t disclose much details.


But all we know for now is that this smart fine or which is soon to become a highly anticipated reality is something to look forward to. And this creation, set to be launched amidst the fall of 2017, is something no gamer out there would want to miss.

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