Top Tech News This Week
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Top Tech News This Week

Technological advancement is on full pace. The recent life changing technological discoveries have led to invention of many new devices and other such technological things.

The top three tech news of this week are:


  • The iPhone 8 concept: Well, you can hate it or you can love it, but you simply can’t ignore it. This concept, given by designer Tobias Buettner is by far, according to me, the best iPhone design ever. It sports an OLED edge to edge display with a home button that is attached within the display. And it even has a protective glass cover on the back side of it which is quite similar to the iPhone 4 that came out a few years ago. This iPhone 8 has, in short, a complete glass body with a very little metal design mixed to it which only comes at the top and the bottom. It has a dual back camera and pretty sleek sensor size with rad buttons. As far as my judge money goes, I’d say that this is a very smart design for an iPhone.


  • The Nintendo Phone: With the amount of craziness and obsession Pokémon GO is spreading, Nintendo has put on its thinking caps and have come up with this super sexy and smart concept of a Nintendo mobile device. It has been in debate for a long time now with the objectives of an android device with Wii like interface, crammed to the brim with emulated SNES, NES and 3DS titles. Although I prefer the old Nintendo gear over the new one, but I suppose it’s going to be quite thrilling for all the gamers out there. And it’s actually satisfying to see Nintendo come up with such cool ideas.


  • The new Xperia F8331: Sony is on its way to launch its new smartphone codenamed Xperia F8331. Well, let’s just accept it, Sony is a very reputed brand when it comes to making TV’s and audio systems, and even its phones are pretty amazing. I really liked the Xperia Z, but this new smart phone is plain ugly. The screen is very big, like, huge which makes it a little uncomfortable to hold. It supports full HD resolution and is capable of 4K video capture.


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