Top new and super rad gadgets at the CES 2016
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Top new and super rad gadgets at the CES 2016

The year’s coming to an end and we’re here with the best gadgets that came out at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) 2016 this year were.

  1. Onagofly Nano Drone :  Drones have always captivated everyone’s intellect, and this year at the CES, the onagofly nano drone had the same impact on everyone there. This 5 inch/125 mm square drone had everyone’s attention with its smart features which display its ability to avoid obstacles in its way and live steaming. 

Price : $300

  1. Livestream Movi :  This another cool gadget that was displayed at the CES 2016 was the Livestream Movi, which is basically a livestream 4K video camera and app. And what’s the use of it? Well, the movi gizmo allows you to create special games for effects of broadcast setup between different cameras to create a variation in its viewpoints by selecting different crop areas to generate a 720p final video. And it can also very easily fit into your purse or bag. 

Price : $400

  1. Sensorwake :  The basic concept hidden behind the creation of this piece of gizmo is the need to have coffee to wake you up every morning and make you feel refreshed and fully awake. And this is what Sensorware does, it sends out a particular smell, say coffee, mint, flowers or money, at a particular hour, to wake you up from your sleep and set you out of bed. This gadget is going to be a boon for all the late risers out there. 

Price : $110

  1. Sevenhug’s Smart Remote :  This is one smart concept technology for everyone with a butt load of electronic items at their place. The Sevenhug’s Smart Remote works on an easily programmed software which can be used to bring an order to the electronic chaos in your smartphone.

Price : Around $200

  1. Prizm :  This is one super smart gadget for all the music lovers out there. This gadget allows you to connect it with your speakers and then it automatically connects itself and then, removes all the other devices in the vicinity with playlists from major music service providers and then makes out what you approve of and comes up with a playlist according to your genre preference. 
  1. Intel 3D Replay Technology :  This smart gadget allows you to watch a live sport event in 3D! And it also allows you to adjust it to different angles for accurate analysis. It’s useful for both watching matches and for training and coaching purposes. 
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