Top 7 Smartphones Of 2016 India
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Top 7 Smartphones Of 2016 India

The year is coming to an end in just two more months, and the never ending race of the smartphones is still continuing with their full zeal to get on the top. A lot of smartphones have been launched, some have been very good, while others not so renowned. And today we’re going to talk about the top smartphones of the year 2016 which are the best of their kind and certainly everyone’s choice. You can also checkout the new Honor 6X smartphone.

Here are our top 7 picks :

  1. iPhone 7 Plus :


This is, the best smartphone of the year, or should we say the best smartphone of all times. Apple’s iPhone 7 plus is a ravishing water and dust resistant, dual camera and a big screen smartphone which is probably the best looking phone around in the market right now. If you’re an iPhone user, then it’s certainly time to upgrade and if you’re a non-iPhone user then it’s time to switch to something better. 

       2. Google Pixel XL :


Google’s first smartphone is nothing like a disappointment. It’s of top notch quality, has a great camera and comes with a virtual assistant. If you’re a fan of big screen and sassy virtual assistants then, google Pixel XL is the right choice for you. 

        3. Nexus 6P :


Most people won’t notice it over the Google’s new smartphone Google Pixel, but for all those who are money minded Nexus 6P is a great steal. The phone created by Huawei has an all metal design, comes at a price which is easy on your pocket with a 5.7 inch 2K display, 2GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset. Its battery life is also very remarkable. If you want a smartphone which is intelligent and also fits your budget, you should definitely go for Nexus 6P. 

         4. LG G5 : 


Life’s Good with the LG’s best ever smartphone built with a modular design. This smartphone is for everyone who fancies a smart, truly innovative and one of its kind smart device which lets you add optional attachments such as a camera grip or a high resolution audio. LG G5 is innovative, has an interesting dual camera, gives off a geeky vibe and has a great modular deign. If you’re a fan of smartphones that make you feel geeky and gadgety then, this is the smartphone for you. 

         5. Sony Z5 Premium :


Sony has finally succeeded in making a smartphone with a 4K display. Sony Z5 Premium is a huge 5.5 inch smartphone with a 806 ppi display, a finely detailed camera of 23 megapixels on its back and also a fingerprint scanner attached to its side which works absolutely fine. Although its battery life is not very efficient, but all in all, this smartphone is a great choice if you want a device with great a display and a detailed camera. 

         6. Motorola Moto X Force :


If you have clumsy hands and if you keep dropping your phone everywhere and if your fear you’ll break the screen of your phone then, Moto X Force is the phone for you. It’s specifications are amazing and it also has a powerful battery life with an unbreakable screen. 

         7. OnePlus 3 :


OnePlus 3 is a super great smartphone available at an unbelievably low price of Rs.28016. It comes with a full HD screen, a fingerprint scanner, a detailed camera, and powerful features. The OnePlus 3 is a great option to pick at a money efficient price, has a premium built and its software is also quiet amazing. 

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