Top 5 Upcoming Concept Phones
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Top 5 Upcoming Concept Phones

 In a world of smartphones, where a new phone pops up every other day and every smartphone company is in a constant clash with each other, here are a few upcoming smartphone concepts that are sure to spice up the fray in coming future.

1.The iPhone Projector Concept by Apple:

In a world where Apple products would still sell like hot cakes even if the association decides to launch a grinder-mixer, this invention is going to be revolutionary. This is exactly what you picture it to be. Instead of sapphire crystal glass, which the apple screens are made of, the iPhone Next G, designed by Samuel Lee Kwon is going to be based on a wristwatch concept which can project onto your palm. Although the idea of it sounds really appealing, we are still not very sure how it would possibly fit the hand size, but we’re very sure that Apple will make a way for it to assort.

Apple Concept


2.Nokia 2030:

Originally designed by Jim Chan.

Although the phone looks pretty cool and the generalisation is very intriguing, but the likelihood of existence of this concept phone is low. The Nokia 2030 is going to be made of glass and titanium, and it can be customised easily by adding coloured film to the glass which would be scratch resistant. With diminutive dimensions of about 2×4.75×0.25 inches and a touchscreen display. Surprisingly, it is going to have a button endowed number pad. Quite unacceptable for a superbly designed smartphone, huh?

Nokia 2030

3.Motorola Sparrow:

Equipped with a touch sensitive panel that keeps the screen free for viewing, the Motorola sparrow is an everything-in-one device. Seasoned with all the features of a barcode scanner, RFID, POS (Point of Sale) system, credit card reading capabilities and of course a calling function. As the name suggests, it is expected to be small and sharp, just like a sparrow. Its sleek and simple design will make it easier to use and navigate, and it is anticipated that this concept phone will be an invention one of its kind.
Motorola Sparrow



Created by Kingyo. BlueBee is a tag to reacquire and locate anything and everything. Now free yourself from the pain of losing your things, just attach BlueBee to your prized possessions and get notified if you mislay your belongings. With and appealing design and an even more riveting interface, this concept smartphone is bound to become a very handy and reliable confidant.

Blue Bee

5.Philips Fluid Flexible Concept:

Designed by Dinard da Mata, a Brazilian designer who has put his foot down to help Philips create a spin in the smartphone world. This concept phone looks like those funky “Slap Wrap” bracelets we used to wear around our wrists as kids. It supports a rad concept of OLED screen smartphone which can bend. Its flexibility is the key feature that makes it distinctive than other customary mobile phones.
Philips Fluid
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