Top 5 Game-Pads Under $100 2016
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Top 5 Game-Pads Under $100 2016

Top 5 game-pads under $100 :

  • Logitech Game Pad F310 :

Price – $20

With an affordable and comparatively lower price than other game pads, the Logitech F310 has a simple set up, customized buttons and pads through dedicated software suite and a sturdy built quality. And if you don’t wanna go for highly priced game pads for PC or PSP gaming, then you should of certainly give this aptly priced and justly rated game pad by Logitech. The Logitech F310 is a good gaming controller for starters before they jump onto a better and more expensive alternative.


  • NVIDIA Shield wireless controller :

Price range – $60

This masterpiece was specifically designed for the company’s android products, but thanks to its excellent and stout design and build quality it is also a very intelligent PC gaming option. It’s wireless, has a built in audio jack, rechargeable battery, finely weighted controls. The users are required to install a free software package by Nvidia in order for it to become compatible with your personal systems.


  • Steel Series Stratus XL :

Price : $60

This gaming pad by Steel Series is a premium wireless gaming controller which is suitably compatible with both Windows as well as Android hardware. It sports a comfortable and easy to understand button layout, customized controls and a strong and sturdy build quality. The Steel Series Stratus XL is supported by dual AA batteries that can easily provide up to 40 hours of battery back up during intense gaming sessions.


  • Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller :

Price tag : $20

One of the best and cheapest gaming pads available in the market right now. It’s easy to adjust and use, has a vibration feedback, easy to comprehend, comfortable controls and has an attention seeking price tag. A genius choice for the starters and even for the professionals in gaming.


  • Thrust Master GPX :

Price tag : $50

The Thrust Master GPX Lightback Ferrari F1 Edition is one for the lovers of PC racing games. It features Scuderia Ferrari livery, and along with that sports a non slip grip, LED lights that display in-game braking, and good acceleration. The Thrust Master gaming controller has an optional back-lighting and has a similar and almost familiar and comfortable layout as the Xbox 360 wired controller.


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