Top 5 Gadgets Designed For The Geriatrics
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Top 5 Gadgets Designed For The Geriatrics

Senescence; the state of being old or the process of becoming old, is something most people do not want to get accustomed to. And to accept the truth even I do not wish to grow old. Sometimes I wish Peter Pan actually existed so, he could take me away to Never-land where I could stay forever young. But let’s just face it no matter how much we try to run away from reality, old age is going to come to us all. Well, it’s up to us how we chose to look towards it, the ordinary and dull way or the technologically advanced and rather exciting way where we’re the cool grandparents who know how to keep abreast of the latest technologies. And to help the prevalent generation of elderly here is a list of top 5 useful gadgets designed specially to make the life of our senior citizens’ way more interesting and effortless.

  • Nokia phone for the elderly: Created by Angar Berrar, this concept smartphone uses Keyshot and Rhinoceros 5.0. Major features are: large buttons, an effective flashlight and lucid audio, remote monitoring and an emergency button. There’s also a tag holder attached to its back side. For a person who’s old and over 60, this phone is propitiously designed for them.


  • Automatic folding scooter: Now that our communication problem has been sorted out, let’s discuss another major topic i.e. Transportation. Well, it’s true that not all aged people need help with mobility, but for those who do we have this stout and secure companion and what’s more, it can be folded so it can be easily kept. Now what kind of sorcery is this?!


  • Metria Sensor: Now what’s the point of having a portable and handy scooter and an all functions equipped smartphone when you’re not in pink of health. Well, to dispel this agita Avery Dennison has created this wearable and easy to use health monitor which collects data like heart rate, blood pressure and amount of sleep and transmits it straightway to be properly elucidated. The collected data can be easily with the help of a mobile application.


  • Touchscreen monitors: I thought it would seem a little unsuitable if I didn’t include a PC device in an article which is solely about tech gadgets. And this 22-inch touchscreen monitor has been distinctly designed keeping the elderly in mind. It comes with an attached web camera and big buttons for easy access.


  • Video Doorbell: As much as health, family, portability and communication is important, security at home is something we cannot overlook. And to solve this problem i-Bell comes to aid. It’s basically a small device which adjusts itself onto your main door just like your ordinary doorbell. So what makes it different? Well, it has an inbuilt camera that sends a live footage of the person knocking on your doorstep directly to your smart device. You can answer the door by simply sitting in your room. Now, isn’t that great?


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