Top 5 concept earphones
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Top 5 concept earphones

Here are our top 5 concept or latest picks for the earphones which we considered best for your gentle ears :

1.Jay bird Freedom : 

This is a recently launched concept earphones mainly designed for the active personalities. The JayBird Freedom is a light and high end wireless with soft earbuds which are totally metal constructed and superbly comfortable with great looks. The user can easily change the sound qualities with the help of a mobile application. Priced at $200 per pair, it’s a smart and purely genius proposition.


2.Motorola VerveLoop+ :

These super cool and latest launch from the house of Motorola are wireless earbuds with a sexy fit. It has a waterproof design and a great battery life that fairly lasts up to 9.5 hours on a charge. With a price tag of $80, this lightweight and stout piece of design is a solid sub pick.


3.Roam Ropes : 

These are super cool and bold new earphones which are designed to be adorned around your neck like a neckpiece, just like the Sony N concept headphones. With super amazing and impressive sound quality which work on a pair of high end audio drivers and a proprietary EQ engine. The user can tweak the sound quality with the help of a mobile application, same as JayBird Freedom. These earphones come in three different colour variants namely : black, white and special edition orange. Priced at $199, Roam Ropes is suggested to donate a 100 bucks it earns from its every pair of earphones sold to Stand Up To Cancer organisation.



4.NuForce BE6i :

These earphones are another genius and sturdy pick with a metal body, high quality sound and a comparatively better batter quality. The earbuds are wireless and have magnets attached to them so they can easily stick to each other giving away the worry of ever getting lost. NuForce BE6i has been launched in two color options, namely : gold and gray and carry a price tag of $129.


5.LG’s Tone Infinim : 

Designed by LG and co deigned by Harman Kardon, the Tone Infinim HBS 910 is one of LG’s top shelf offerings. These wireless earphones are a voguish option and support a great audio quality. They are bound to provide a super sexy sound experience to the user, especially during phone calls because of the dual built in microphones. With a price tag of $97, these earbuds are the sexiest and the cheapest ones around right now.



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