Top 4 Concept Phones To Notice This Week
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Top 4 Concept Phones To Notice This Week

Since we’re progressing day by day and making endeavors to create newer, smarter and better technology. Designers and developers also make sure that our mobile phones also stay abreast to the latest discoveries and innovations.

And since we don’t want to be left behind when it comes to technology, here we are with the top 4 concept phones that you can not afford to ignore this week. Here are our picks:

1. Kyocera Kinetic:

Ever fancied carrying two wallets in your back pocket? Well, with this phone you can fulfill that fantasy. Designed by Kyocera, this smart concept phone comes in a wallet shape design that can be unfolded into a wide screen OLED display smartphone. This device sports a Kinetic-energy-powered concept and comes with a smart physical keyboard pad that will automatically disappear when it’s not in use.


2. Camera Projector Printer Phone:

Now, this is one concept phone that we can proudly say multitasks. And by multitasking, we do not mean the boring switching between apps and other lame things our basic smart phone does. We’re talking about a smart phone that can be actually used for multiple purposes.

Well, as the name suggests, this designer concept phone can be used as a photo printer, and other features include a game controller and a projector.

myinformativesite_Camera _Projector_Printer_Phone

3. Separate Keitait: 

Designed by Japan’s Not Docomo. Separate Keitait is a touchscreen concept mobile phone that comes with a separate screen and a keypad connected together with the help of Bluetooth. Magnets have been provided to join the two sides of the phone together whenever needed. Rumors have it that the user can simultaneously write a full length e-mail to anyone and be busy talking to someone on the phone.


4. Touchwood:

Knock on the wood because this is a smartphone which is one of its kind. And we really hope that it stays this way forever cause this smart design has by far appealed to me the most. Although it’s features are pretty simple, but what caught my eye was it’s ravishing design. This phone, a part of the Touch Wood Project has been collectively designed by Not Docomo, Sharp and Olympus and is completely made out of wood.

This smart concept phone has been carved out of surplus wood from forest thinning operations. And its creators have claimed that this phone is water, dust and even bug resistant. It’s also been said that this phone is going to maintain the texture and aroma of fine natural wood.


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