The Most Anticipated Smartphone Of The Year
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The Most Anticipated Smartphone Of The Year

As the countdown for the fairly awaited smartphone of the year has officially begun, with its sanctioned agenda to be realise in September, the scuttle butts have also started to hover around with unyielding courage giving out even the littlest piece of information or fact.


From what we have gathered from these rumours, Apple is going to bring the new iPhone 7 with more or less the same design, but some massive changes. So far it has been indicated that the biggest technological influence of this year is going to have a water and dust proof body. It will feature liquid metal and is rumoured to sport a smart connector, eliminating the headphone port making it look sleeker and slimmer. Although the tweaks in its design play a subordinate role, a few changes in its features are really suggestive. This time, Apple is rumoured to finally carry out a 32GB base storage phone, winding-up the 16GB alternative. Alongside the 32GB variant, Apple is planning to bulk up the storage capacity by up to 256GB.
Apple iPhone 7

It was for the first time in the year 2013 that Apple launched two phones together. It is suggested that Apple is prepping itself to launch three variants and it is insinuated that they are going to be named as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro/Premium.


Other big change includes the colour of the phone. Apple is the first company who made Rose Gold phone look groovy whole the other organisations only made it look ludicrous. But this time Apple is looking forward to introduce two new colour variants namely Deep Blue and Space Black which will replace the very royal and princely looking Space Gray.


Other accommodations include a 3GB RAM, stereo speakers on both sides of the lightning port, Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), force touch home button and a dual camera.



From all the features and rumours we’ve collected, we find no harm in saying that Apple never ceases to amuse its users. And for all the iPhone lovers and iPhone users out there, even the non-iPhone users, the most anticipated smartphone of the year is this. And it is something that one simply can not miss.

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