Sony N earphones 
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Sony N earphones 

Instead of calling these super cool futuristic gizmos earphones, we should start calling these smart concept headphones by Sony neck-phones because they need to be hung around your neck, not worn over your head like all the other basic traditional head gears.

And in any case you’re all wondering how the sound is supposed to reach to your ears, well, these headphones work via Bluetooth and will direct the audio in upward motion so they can reach your ears.


The basic idea behind Sony’s smart N headphones is to develop a system for listening while trying to reduce the background noise or the noise that comes in from the surrounding when you’re outside or somewhere noisy. This device also comes packed with a pair of cone shaped ear pieces that communicate with the neckband, to give you the classic feeling of using a pair of headphones. The buds come endowed with holes punched into them through the middle that doesn’t block noise and enables you to listen to music and hold a conversation side by side.


It also comes equipped with voice control, sensors, a GPS system and a camera and has been programme to respond to the command ‘Listen Up Arc.’ These voice commands can be effectively used to play certain songs or get information about the weather or know the score of your favourite game.

The audio of the Sony N headphones is quite impressive and lucid. And the device looks and gives off feel of a premium Sony device.


According to my judgement, Sony N headphones are a fine piece of design of technology. They look and give the feeling of a very groovy and classy product which is going to set the market on fire. This is a concept that the majority will look up to buying. And I sincerely hope this out of the box thinking gets the kind of criticism it truly deserves.

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