Sony MP-CL1 Review 2016
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Sony MP-CL1 Review 2016

For everyone who will give Sony MP-CL1 a first look will mistake it for a smartphone because of its thin looks and a smartphone like design, with Sony’s typical and classic bar shaped design. The Sony projector is thin, light weight and compact which makes it portable and allows it be easily carried around in your pocket.


It behaves a little differently from other projectors due to the fact that it uses laser technology to project images. The brightness of the projector is mere 32 lumens, which at first thought might give you a feeling that it would be hard to see the projected image, but that’s not truly the case and the images projected by Sony MP-CL1 are comparatively darker than JmGO view and can be thoroughly enjoyed at any distance which is less than 40 inches away. And this is possible because of the fact that the human eye perceives laser projections a little brighter than the usual standard LED projections at the same lumen count. 


One advantage of this projector is that it doesn’t need to be placed very far away to project a larger image, a 120 inch image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 can be easily created even when the projector is placed just 40 inches away. The projector sports the feature of Keystoning, although there are no features available for focusing the image, be it manual controls or through automatic controls. Although, Sony MP-CL1 doesn’t necessarily need a focusing feature, as being a laser projector, the image is always clear and sharp, regardless of how close or far you are from the screen. 

For adjusting the projector on its place, a plastic stand has been attached to it which seems rather flimsy, but aptly fulfills its purpose. It can clip onto the front and the back, though you might need some extra books or objects to prop it up perfectly as it can be only clipped at a certain position. 


Like other projectors, Sony MP-CL1 also allows the user to stream Lexus through Miracast, or by plugging in a USB flash drive, or through a mini HDMI or MHL cable. The built in speakers provided with the projector are quite weak and the users are rather recommended to use an external pair of speakers using the auxiliary jack. 

Sony MP-CL1 comes with a price tag of $350, which sounds quite reasonable and affordable. It has all the features that a basic projector should have, light weight, portable, compact and thin. The only thing that may upset a few is that it doesn’t come will a remote control. Or else, this Sony projector is worth a buy. 


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