Smart Concepts That Should Soon Become A Reality
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Smart Concepts That Should Soon Become A Reality

Nothing thrills the geeks inside of us more than the gizmos and tech news that doesn’t truly exist. And today, we’re going to talk about some very captivating mobile phone concepts which are not yet a reality, but are expected to hit the markets in the coming 3-4 years, and that too with a full on bang.

Here are our top picks:

1. Mobikoma: Designed by Kamil Israilov, this smart concept phone kind off resembles Windows phones on a quick first look, but apart from that, I’d say it’s smart and sexy. It is made up of 18 tiny tiles that can be interchanged according to our will. Two of these 18 tiles hold the space for memory card and SIM card. This genius design can be redesigned and exchanged to form a tiny two tile or six tile device or any other tile of size that lies in between the above mentioned range of two-six tiles.

2. Space3 Phone: Designed by a duo of designers named Wenhing Chu and Kok Keong Wong, this smart phone concept was basically designed by keeping navigation systems in mind. It bears two transparent screens namely the “mother” screen a.k.a. the main screen and the “lens” screen a.k.a. the secondary screen. Although the phone is designed mainly for navigation purposes, but you can also use this two screen phone for other basic purposes like texting, calling or watching online/offline videos.

3. Samsung One: Designed by designer Yejin Jeon, this smart phone from the house of Samsung takes its inspiration from a pen. Pen because that is what it actually looks like, a pen. The six inch display screen unrolls from the inside of it. It’s slim and sleek with a simple design and uses cloud based memory with a tiny screen on the side of the “pen” which can be used for checking the time, reading mails or messages and making calls.


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