Samsung HW-K950 Price And Features 2016
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Samsung HW-K950 Price And Features 2016

To talk about the Samsung’s latest sound bar HW-K950, it’s actually very pretty or stylish and it’s sound quality is at par with the best audio systems in the market right now and is remarkably spectacular. It’s genuinely built and created by working very smartly with engineers at Dolby to achieve perfect capability of the atoms. You can also checkout the VR glasses OCULUS ASYNCHRONOUS SPACEWARP.


For all the regular cinema goers, what Dolby is is very easy to define and very simple to understand why it is amazing. And what’s best than having Dolby Atoms at home? 

What we approve of?

  • Has an incredible sound quality 
  • Dolby Atoms supported
  • Has a 4K pass through
  • Bears a good value   

What we disapprove of?

  • It only has stereo DTS support 
  • Needs a specific setup of the room
  • Needs the requirement of the right sources 
  • Quiet expensive than the non-Atoms

Samsung HW-K950 Features

To talk about the specifications of the HW-K950 sound bar. To start with, the show stopper would be the Dolby Atoms which is delivered by 15 drivers within the device and surrounded by speakers, Also Check out your CBSE RESULT 2017.

And on the front of the sound bar, there is a front left centre and front right channel, each of which is equally served by two 2.5 inch drivers and a 30mm wide range inverted some tweeter. On the top of it are 2.5 inch Atoms drivers. Each driver is successfully powered by a 20W devoted amplifier. 


The speakers on its side are endowed with two 2.5 inch drivers, one front firing and the other one up firing and which receives a power supply of 35W from each amplifier. The subwoofer has an 8 inch driver and a 160W amplifier to brag about. 

Other features include, built in wifi, multi room and Bluetooth which not only provides a very quick way to stream music, but also sends audio from a Samsung compatible TV to the sound bar, a complete music streaming through Spotify, Deezer, 8tracks, Murfie, Juke, Tuneln Radio etc. 


You can also stream music via your PC’s NAS drives and your phones DLNA drives. 

Samsung HW-K950 Price


Overall, this is by far the finest sound bar Samsung has ever produced. The HW-K950 has all the characteristics you would want in a sound bar. It provides a smoother and a more balanced sonic character. Its work can be actually seen on, or should we say, it works best on comparatively lower ceilings which is covered in somewhat flat and reflective material. The HW-K950 has been priced around Rs.121958.32.

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