Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Facts And Story 2016
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Facts And Story 2016

Well, the previous additions in the list of the Samsung Galaxy series were all of top notch quality with sturdy looks, stout build and great features. And so is the Galaxy Note 7, except for one tiny difference, it explodes! 


Since its launch in September, many complaints have come in about its battery failure causing harm to the user or their property. In the past month, over a hundred note 7 models over the globe have had this crucial problem.


The note 7 was recalled in the US, officially, once. And Samsung also started an exchange campaign in some other countries. But even the new and exchanges devices also continued to show the same critical issues. All of this has led Samsung to put a halt to to the production of note 7 and the users have also ceased to use their respective smart phones. 

The Whole Story :

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy note 7 in early September, many cases of battery failure and fires surfaced world wide, with over a 100 cases in the past month in the US alone. To aid this problem, Samsung and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a total official recall of the note 7s in the US. Following in the same footsteps, Canada also started this same campaign, as well as Europe. Where as, some regions of Asia where the phone was yet to be launched postponed shipments of the phone. 


A few weeks later, with the campaign in full force and the old models being replaced by new, better and safe models in figures ranging to hundreds and thousands, the same exact problem of battery failure and explosions started to occur in the replacement models. In early October, the carriers announced free exchange and returns of all the note 7s and soon after stopped the sale of the smart phone altogether. 


On October 10th, a statement was passed by Samsung that it is stopping the production of its note 7 globally and urged all its users to return their devices to the store outlet where they purchased it from. Now, the US authorities have cancelled the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung has officially cancelled the phone. 


In case, you’re a note 7 user and if you still haven’t discontinued using your smart device, then it’s a humble request to you to please stop using this device. Better be safe than sorry. 

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