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Project Scorpio

Microsoft has planned to launch Project Scorpio at the end of 2017 and it is currently being seen as the biggest and most powerful gaming device ever made. It is right now considered the future of modern gaming.


Although it’s not created for new or futuristic gaming, but is designed to provide a platform for the same old games that we’ve always been playing. We can basically call it an upgraded and improved version of Xbox One S and the creators have claimed that this is going to be about 4.5 times more powerful than that. Well, we can play all the games that we’ve always played on our Xboxes, the only difference is going to be the ultra high definition 4k resolution along with a buffer rate of 60 frames per second. And this high resolution which is assumed to be 4 times more stronger than Xbox One will allow the player to enjoy games like Halo 5, Division, The Witchers 3 and other exciting games with full fun and ease. Although not all games are going to run on full definition, but there is a possibility that they will be later converted into that for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment.


As Microsoft supports and is in full favor of merging the world of PC and console gaming, Project Scorpio is taken as the biggest step in this direction.

The main reason behind this big leap is that, both Nvdia GeForce gtx 1080 with a 9 terra flop graphic performance provides a platform to play the same games as Xbox One which does it on a 33 terra flop graphic performance. This is the main reason why Microsoft wants to upgrade Project Scorpio to the maximum level.


The fact that Project Scorpio is mainly designed to run on 4k platform is going to be one major setback in Microsoft’s path as people who don’t own a 4K resolution TV will not be able to enjoy it.

Another confusion occurring is Virtual Reality, as it still hasn’t been confirmed that it’s going to support VR for one headgear or any headgear at all. Although Microsoft is planning to launch VR in windows platform next year. We can only sit and wait for that to actually happen.

About its price range, well, Microsoft still hasn’t disclosed that topic as of now, but Project Scorpio is expected to lie a little higher in range than Xbox One S.


That’s all the information and rumors we could gather. Now, all we can do is wait and wait for it to become a reality.

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