PlayStation 4 Pro Price and Specifications 2016 (INDIA)
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PlayStation 4 Pro Price and Specifications 2016 (INDIA)

Sony has launched its very new playing station the all new PlayStation 4 Pro and needless to say this new beast from the house of Sony is a complete gaming monster and is undoubtedly better than all its predecessors both in terms of power and graphics. From the obvious fact that that the base of PlayStation 4 is one of the best gaming platform out there, the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro is just another great addition to this list and certainly a boon for all the gamers out there. Sony playstation 4 pro specifications is more better the Xbox One.


Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Specifications

  • Dynamic 4K gaming and 4K entertainment: The new game play from Sony is an absolute beast with a strong and powerful game plan. It has an amazing and sharp display with remarkable detail in every movement.


  • Super charged power: PS4 Pro comes equipped with leading edge technology to successfully deliver the fastest, sharpest and the most responsive gaming experience ever seen.
  • World’s most powerful console: The PS4 is packed with jaw-dropping graphics and incredible life like details which will double the excitement and make your average everyday gaming experience more thrilling. All thanks to the GPU power which is double as compared to the standard PS4.


  • Faster frame rates: The crystal clear display makes the action on screen faster, smoother and more explosive with more stable frame rates.
  • Dynamic 4K gaming: The PS4 Pro provides dynamic 4k gaming experience which allows you to play the latest games in amazing clarity. It takes your gaming skills to another level by adding a realistic texture to the graphics.
  • Incredible entertainment: The PS4 Pro provides 4K resolution, which will allow you to stream movies, watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix, check out the latest videos on YouTube and have a host of entertaining apps, all in the sharpest picture quality.

Play Station 4 Price in India


As per the official website Sony Play Station 4 Price in India is around Rs. 38,999. Interested people can buy this awesome gaming product by sony from some online website too. Checkout TOP 5 GAME-PADS UNDER $100 2016 for your gaming machine.That was all we could gather from the rumors and news. But to know the real beast, you need to get your hands on it.


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