Philips Pocket Projector 2016
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Philips Pocket Projector 2016

Priced at $300, Philips pocket projector is the smallest portable projector you’ll ever see with dimensions of 0.87×2.7×2.6 inches, which is larger in small increments with that of a tic-tac box. It’s a great companion for anyone who wants a portable model, but doesn’t want to carry unnecessary weight. The 3 ounce Philips projector is also a great laptop buddy for desk side presentations and other activities. 

The PPX4010 is so compact that it can easily give other big and heavy projectors an inferiority complex in case of looks.


The features and specifications of the PPX4010 model include :

  • No Batteries :

The Philips projector doesn’t have an internal battery attached to it. It needs to be plugged into a PC, or an ac adapter or any other power source through an USB cable so it can charge itself. 

  • Brightness and image quality :

The other projectors use a laser light source which is supposed to create images that are comparatively brighter and better than what most people would expect strictly from measuring the brightness in lumens. Despite this fact, Philips projector is, without a doubt, the brightest among them all. The quality of data images is far better than most pico projectors. The PPX4010 provides an excellent color balance with, uniform brightness all over the screen,which are vibrant and eye catching, with suitably neutral grays at all level from black to white. 


To get into more details of its basics and setup, the Philips projector is built around a WVGA DLP chip paired with an LED light source. Usually, the light source is supposed to last the life of the projector. And in case of Philips, they’ve rated it at 30,000 hours. 

It’s easy to use and the only controls it has are a focus thumb wheel which are on the top right, on the front of the projector just behind the lens, and for adjusting brightness, we have another button, a three position mechanical switch placed on the left side of the projector. There’s no remote or built in menu for adjusting anything else. It doesn’t even come with a power button. To turn it on, you simply plug it in and to turn it off, just plug out the the cable from the power source. 


The set up of this device is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is, connect the supplied power cable, connect a cable to the image source, point the projector to the desired location where you want to use it as a screen and see the image and then focus it. 

The Philips pocket projector can connect to mobile phones and to anything with an HDMI port or a display port, but it is supremely meant to be a companion for laptops and PC and it is simplest to connect it to a PC. 


Overall, this smart technology is a great buy. It is small in size, light in weight, and can be easily set up. All this makes it a very stout contender among all the projectors, especially when you’re looking for a companion for your laptop or PC. 

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