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Oculus Rift VR

Virtual Reality is a concept which has always managed to tickle our senses, even before it became a reality. And now that it has come into existence, it’s been ever advancing beyond leaps and bounds.

Although there are a majority of VR headsets that come out almost everyday, but Oculus Rift is something that is a class apart in this race of VR gears.


Ever since virtual reality became a concept, Oculus has been there in the equation. They’ve always managed to be the very first and probably the biggest name in virtual reality, and now, the leading company to deliver headsets to its loyal users.


The description for the Oculus Rift goes beyond words, it comes with a headset, a motion sensor, remote, and the essential HDMI and USB cable cords. The first generation kit also includes a wireless Xbox One controller and a copy of Lucky’s tale for an extraordinary and out of the box gaming experience. The controller can be upgraded to the Oculus touch, which hasn’t yet been launched, but it does claim to offer some extra gaming potential.

The motion sensor of the Oculus Rift is a true beast in real senses as it gives the user a fluidity of movement that truly combats reality. The Oculus Rift weighs just over a pound and fits easily on most fist sizes. This VR headgear sports a full positional tracking and a gyro meter which allows the user to play subtly and perform actions like looking around the corner.


The other specifications and features include, an outstanding resolution of 1080*1200 in both its OLED screen and field of view of 110 degrees. The headgear comes equipped with a microphone and integrated headphones that provide great HRTF audio.

Priced at a high price tag of $600, the Rift is a stout and sturdy headpiece. If you have a PC with a high end GPU, then Oculus Rift is the headgear for you.


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