Oculus Asynchronous Spacewarp Specifications & Release Date
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Oculus Asynchronous Spacewarp Specifications & Release Date

VR has changed the course of gaming ever since they have come into existence. We’ve seen some of the best VR headsets and we’ve seen some of the worst. What we have not seen is the latest addition to the VR list. After seeing the amazing headgear like the Oculus Rift (Click Here), PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive (Click here), it is time to check out the very new virtual reality headset The Asynchronous Spacewarp launched by Oculus this week. Here is giving you all the relevant and necessary news about the features and specifications of this new device from Oculus.oculus-images-headgear
The concept of this VR headgear came out last month at a company conference. And this new device claims to minimize the processing power needed to run the VR content. According to Oculus, the processing power required for working of the Asynchronous Spacewarp is half as compared to other VR headsets. In all honesty, the Asynchronous Spacewarp is a great concept and a truly conspicuous technology. It is quite simple and easy to operate and oculus has very well seen to the fact that the user doesn’t suffer from any kind of tearing of flickering by inserting a copy of the previous frame into the void if it detects that the system is about to drop a frame.

Oculus Asynchronous Spacewarp Specifications

The specifications of the Asynchronous Spacewarp includes an Intel Core i3-6100, NVidia GeForce GTX 960 and an 8 GB of RAM. These features might sound a like a very low deal, but these lower end specifications will make VR headsets more affordable and appealing to the huge mass that belongs to the middle class families who cannot afford to spend a lot on such expensive devices.
The Tech Times have explained that the Asynchronous Spacewarp will work together with Asynchronous Timewarp to help cover all the visual motions that are present within the virtual reality experience, including user position, touch controller, camera and character. To sum it up, this headgear works with animated objects, while the Asynchronous Timewarp only covers the head rotation.

Asynchronous Spacewarp Release Date


Right now this headgear is available in some countries like United States, United Kingdom with a good price tag $599. In India this headgear release or launch date is not announced yet. But according to some rumors asynchronous spacewarp will be in indian market by the mid of year 2017. But yes in indian market company is going to face a tough competition.

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