Modai Smart Concept Phone
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Modai Smart Concept Phone

Since smartphones have become a huge necessity for us, it has become an honest obligation for mobile phone companies to design and come up with cool smart phone concepts quite more often than usual on the demand of the nerdy, gizmo freaks and technology fundi public.


And in this phone race a lot of new innovations and ideas has surfaced, but what recently caught my eye is the creative and coltish Modai smart concept phone. Although this concept came out a few years ago and a whole lot of you, who like to keep themselves abreast with the latest tech news, are already aware of this smart phone. This smart design has become my personal favourite.


This antic and frisky smartphone isn’t like your everyday mobile phones that you use and look at most part of your day. This concept has literally taken mobile phones to a whole new level of awesomeness and intelligence.

Designed by designer Julius Tarang, this smart concept phone is expected to have the tendency to respond and react to your emotions. Modai is going to support facial based emoticons based on your activities. It will also have day/night theme and a rad alarm clock.


The one feature that I find peculiarly interesting is the pliable peel-stand that is on its back which allows Modai to easily flex into your pocket and send you silent notifications to remind you of incoming calls or texts. Taking off the peel-stand also allows you to use the Modai’s internal pack which you can easily swap out to fix a new, modified CPU unit or RAM cache or a battery, whatever you feel fit according to your requirements.

Having said all this, I sincerely pray that Modai exists. Modai has an interesting design, intelligent features and a super rad display and I really hope to see this concept become a reality.


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