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Mobile Script Smart Phone

Won’t you just love it if your phone is packed with super awesome and deadly exciting features like: a solar-powered system, eliminating the risk of running to plug it in your charger even once in a while. And a two screen display, one of which can be easily folded and can harden when a specific voltage is applied to it? Now who would not dream of having such a super smart concept phone.


Well, to make this dream phone a reality designer Mukomelov, Aleksandr has designed this smart concept phone that has solemnly announced its troth that it will only require the sun to charge up its batteries. The photo sensitive material on its cover concerts sun light into energy that charges the phone. Also, it will inform its owner whenever the battery is down and it’ll give pieces of advice and information if it requires a power recharge. What more can we ask for now?

It has a big screen that consists of two layers namely a soft OLED touch screen and a soft nano material screen which can easily stiffen when voltage is applied to it. The screen resolution is pretty rad and it sports a diagonal internal screen of 9.5 inches. It’s like having a mini laptop in your pocket. Its dimensions are 130x35mm shell and an open internal screen dimension of 130x280mm


The other smart features that this smart phone will provide includes a quick internet access, documents on the go, games, a wide field of communication and mobility. And there’s more like video link, we can easily view movies and use the browser.

This new generation smart phone “Mobile Script” is an all in one device. And I really look forward to this becoming a reality.

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