JBL: Yurbud 100/200/300
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JBL: Yurbud 100/200/300

As JBL is one of the biggest brands in music headset industry, known for its genuine products and services. Recently it has launched its Yurbud inspire 300 earphones which comes in the category of sports earbuds, and Yurbud inspire 400 is yet to come in India. According to JBL “Our patented twisted look technology provides a secure fit that is guaranteed never to fall out even in most rigorous physical activities”. The earbud guarantees never to hurt, they are made of proper medical precision which avoid nerve rich area of the ear for long comfort. The earbud of the earphones is made up of high quality silicone, which is ultra-soft and super comfortable for a longer duration.



the box contains 1 air of yurbuds earphones, 1 sports carry pouch, 2 sizes enhancers. The cost of the yurbud sports in-earphones are, Inspire 100($20), Inspire 200($30), Inspire 300($40).

Yurbud is a US based sports accessories manufacturer, it was founded by Seth Burgett and Richard Daniels in 2008 both being active athletes, came up to a solution for fixing up the buds in the ear for longer duration without any pain. Yurbud has design element called TwistLock and FlexSoft, since than yurbud has achieved a great amount of success.

After the acquisition of Yurbuds by the Harman last year, Harman introduced JBL sound to it and had improved its sports sound offering.


Inspire 100

JBL Inspire 100 in-ear-headphone to be precise comes with TwistLock Technology which keeps headphones secured and attached to your ears. They are mainly sports earphones so during a rigorous physical exercise it won’t come out. These earbuds are made specially for sports activities and intensive workouts, sweat and moisture does not affect your earphones.

In India these pair of earphones cost up to 1200 INR, it provides more ambient noise than other earphones at same volume levels according to JBL.

Specifications of Inspire 100

These earphones weight 59 gm which is a standard weight of any workout earphones. It has dimension of 3*4*9 cm, this earphone comes without microphone. Having a 3.5 mm jack it is good made for a sports product.

According to the reviews of user these earphones have got a low sound quality and JBL is been working on it lately. It has got excellent design and as claimed by the makers it doesn’t fall of the ears during intense workout. User all over the world have complained about the jack which does not fit properly. And again sound quality of the earphones is the biggest problem of the earphones.

Inspire 200

Again it also contains same features as the earlier product, it has got TwistLock Technology, earbuds are the same but with reduced problems as it fit perfectly and material is also finely made whereas in earlier product the material of earbud felt like plastic.

Specifications are also the same as the Inspire 100, and it was launched in India during March 2016 having price of max up to 2600 INR.

As it cost bit more than original price as it is imported from U.S.A and taxes and import custom duties are also applied on these earphones.

Inspire 300

Once again it has also got same specialization but it has got added mic in it, and also there are no complains over sound quality.

This new model has extra weight but it provides a fine sound quality, with 3.5 mm jack and noise cancellation by JBL.

These earphones also come with an added price same as Inspire 200 these earphones are also imported from U.S.A which cost it up to 3300 INR to 4900 INR.

Overall it is a good investment over earphones as they are specially made for sports purposes and with the new advancement to technology we move on to new era, these earphones comes with a great deal.



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