JBL Dynamic Concept Earphones
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JBL Dynamic Concept Earphones

The latest design by JBL which is sure shot to be a big hit amongst the gizmo freaks is the newest JBL Dynamic concept earphones, designed and created by Marco Schembri offer an universal scope for everyone to listen to and enjoy music.


These concept earphones have been specifically designed for JBL on behalf of the Harman International which has been created after months of rigors mind bending, research and various consultations. The basic goal was to create a very smart and genius piece of design to fulfill all the market requirements, so they’ve come up with this concept of dynamic earphones to take care of all that in the very best way possible.


JBL has always created amazing gadgets, from earphones to speakers, their products have always been simple and easy to use with a comfortable design which are truly perfect for everyone in each sense. And from where we see it, we’re very certain that these new ear buds are going to be a great success.


Important key features :

  • Innovative shape changing system
  • Innovative 3D printed texture on the earbud tip which allows a soft and perfect fitting for every size of ears.
  • It has a dynamic TPE soft part that makes it a super comfortable pair of earphones to use.
  • Dynamic sound quality with maximum sound suppression
  • Dynamic Bluetooth which allows it to be worn easily without the wire limit.


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