JayBird X2
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JayBird X2

These wireless earbud headphones from the house of JayBird are really sturdy and cool earphones with top notch performance, sexy design and a very easy to use interface.

The only setback we can consider here is its price tag. Otherwise, this product is a must have and the features included in these sexy earbuds also make up for the high price. With strong value, simple design, above average battery life which lasts up to around 8 hours and a platform that supports both android and iOS devices, JayBird X2 is an easy target for all the gizmo freaks.


With an excellent design and a better battery life, the sound quality of JayBird X2 is also remarkable and quite impressive in both calls and music playback.

To talk about the details, it provides a bull’s eye bass, neither too high nor too low. Its call quality is lucid and sharp and its Bluetooth connectivity provides a standard connection ranging over 30 feet without any cut outs in signal. Also, JayBird’s voice assistant Jenna has a really comely voice, probably the best you’ll ever be greeted with in a Bluetooth device.


The price of the JayBird X2 lies somewhat around $179 which lands it among the Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless and the Optoma NuForce BE6 price range category. But despite the price tag, JayBird X2 still stands out.


It’s sleek design is something that can not go unnoticed and with all the features packed in it, it’s just hard to avoid. It might not be the most affordable earphones available in the market right now, but it surely is the best that currently ruling the markets with its amazing sound quality, better battery life and easy to use features. So far the best earbuds to buy in the wireless category.


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