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iPocket Watch

Apple products have always managed to steal the show with any of their products, be it the classic iPod touch or the sixth generation is Apple iPod. From developing iPhones to Watch OS 2 which is all set to be launched this fall. Apple has always stood up to the mark and never has it once failed to amaze us with its huge and marvelous range of gizmos.
And to add to this mega family designer Chike Newman had given this very groovy and cool pocket watch concept which will take us back to the Victorian era and is very certain to be regarded as a milestone amongst the Apple lovers.

According to Newman, this pocket watch will bear a metal boat and a metal lie will be provided to cover up the screen which is going to be made up of aircraft grade aluminium or sliver which is further going to be hand finished to the highest benchmark.

Endowed with 4G LTE connectivity, wifi, battery level and signal power. This stylish piece will have a messaging UI which will slightly give off a little of android feel. It can be hung around like a pendant or be voguishly kept in your pocket for a classic touch.


Since it is branded by Apple, it is bound to create a hullabaloo among the tech nerds. This iPocket watch will not only evoke the geek inside of you, but will also educe a sense of fashion and style in you.

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