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iPhone 7

Well, the most awaited smart phone of the year is here and as implied, it has come with a loud bang and has created a lot of commotion. And in between these silent whispers, we bring you the news and rumours turned into reality of this highly anticipated smart phone.

iPhone 7, like all the other previous iPhones was unveiled on 7th September along with its successor; iPhone 7 plus.


To tell you more about the iPhone 7, Apple has suggested that it’ll be launched with price range falling in between the same category as its predecessors. With its 32 GB variant to cost roughly around  52,000 and 64 GB variant to cost around  60,000 and the 256 GB variant to cost around  70,000. While the iPhone 7 plus is expected to cost  60,000 for its 32 GB variant.  70,000 for its 128 GB variant and around  78,000 estimated for its 256 GB variant.

It is suggested that pre-ordering of the iPhone 7 will begin from 9th September. And it’s supposed to be launched in the US market in between 12th September to 16th September.


Now let’s talk about the changes and specific features Apple has endowed its new smartphone with, starting with the camera improvements in both the models  with optical image stabilisation in i7 and a dual camera setup in the iPhone 7 plus.

Apple has also shed down its 16 GB variant for both the models this time and has moved to a base storage of 32 GB. It’s also done the same for its 128 GB variant, moving it a notch up to 256 GB. The 64 GB variant has also been replaced by the 128 GB variant and Apple has come up with iPhone models bearing 32 GB, 64 GB and 256 GB of base storage.


Now, talking about the display feature of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The former ruling iPhones, 6s and 6s plus have a screen resolution of 750×1334 pixels and 1080×1920 pixels respectively. While the current ruling iPhones, 7 and 7 plus sport a screen resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and 1440×2560 pixels respectively.

As expected, Apple phones are surely going to sell like hot cakes. And we’re throughly excited and thrilled about this. Yay for all the Apple lovers!


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