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Available on Amazon, the HTC vive stands up to its expectations and delivers a super sexy virtual reality experience which is a must for gaming. Unlike other VR headsets, vive possesses some solid gaming qualities which are right out of the box and it comes loaded with motion controllers.


The HTC vive’s controller that kinda look like ski poles are packed with their very own IR LED trackers, next to a developed control scheme which includes actuated controls for gaming, two track pads which basically act like an amalgamation of a mouse and a control stick and a smart grip that can detect motions if you press it a little harder.

So far, vive proves out to be the best VR headgear available to us that is certain to see some major third party support. Although no big games have been included in HTC vive yet, but many of the games have been teased at by the developers like Bethesda (Fall Out 4), serious Sam and Valve.


In addition to the super cool controllers, VIVE also sports two tracking cameras which makes the VR headset act like a room scale VR. All you need, after adjusting your two trackers, your PC and cable wires which will connect to the two trackers, is proper space to explore and you can then easily use your VIVE to map the environment and then, project new locales, using your surroundings and your room furniture as potential obstacles. The VIVE also has this great potential to be used as a coop features as well.

To get into its display, the VIVE provides a stout display of 1200*1080 resolutions per eye which means 2400*1080 resolution for both the eyes and comes out to an Field of View display of 110 degrees which is a very high number as compared to Oculus Rift or Glyph. These features combined to strong support of tracking makes maximum immersion. For the first generation product, you’ll have to use your own headphones as it does not include a microphone and you must use your own if you want to experience spatial audio.


With great powers comes a very great price, and with a price tag of around $700-$800 which is $200 more than Oculus Rift, the HTC VIVE is not only a bit pricey, but it comes packed with super sexy and extreme computer requirements, the VIVE may be a stretch for all the amateur gamer’s out there, but for professionals, VIVE is loaded with huge potentials. And I would strongly suggest all the gamer’s out there to keep this VR headset on your radar.


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