HTC 11 Specifications 2016
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HTC 11 Specifications 2016

Since the HTC 10 didn’t seem to impress the tech lovers so much, HTC has now decided to launch a successor to the HTC 10 named as HTC 11 which is all set to be launched in the early months of 2017. 

Here’s all what we have gathered from the news and rumors about the soon to be launched HTC 11. 

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Release date :

The HTC 10 was launched in the spring of 2016, and assuming that HTC will launch its successor at a year gap, so we can make out that HTC 11 will be launched in the April of 2017. 

Price :

Well, it’s hard to say anything about its price tag, but it’s certain that the HTC 11 will be rated higher than all its predecessor. And as far as our guesses go, we would say that HTC 11 will be given a price of around Rs.44670.79 to Rs.48739.17. 

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Design :

One thing that we genuinely expect from  HTC 11 is better design and built. A major fault which stops anyone from buying or recommending HTC 10 is its design. Many of you would agree, so it’ll only benefit the company if they put some bonafide endeavors in improving its design and looks. 

Another thing that we expect from HTC is water and dust resistant smart phones. HTC 10 wasn’t water proof. In fact, many of HTC’s handsets are not waterproof and this is another reason why anyone would prefer buying other smart phones over HTC.  

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Features and specifications :

From what we have gathered from the rumors and news, it is expected that HTC 11’s processor will be Qualcomm’s best available smart chip which is highly likely to be snapdragon 830. Also, it has been suggested that HTC 11 is most likely to have a 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM. 

About the camera, the HTC 11 is expected to have a 12 megapixels of front camera with auto focus and sharp contrast. A major set back in HTC 10 was its camera and picture quality. Although, it also bore the same camera, but what it lacked was proper consistency. Some of its photos were amazing, while some of them were not half as good. 


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