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Designed by award winning industrial designer Mika Nenonento, Helix Cuff were debuted by Ashley Chloe  are probably the most fashionable and voguish earphones in the market right now. It’s the world’s first wearable cuff ear buds that come equipped with stereo Bluetooth. And as the name suggest and you can genuinely make out that this super sexy pair of headphones don’t have to sit in your pocket or have bad, instead they need to be adorned around your hand like a hand cuff.


Another great thing about these ear buds are, you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled, these are super chill and tangle free earphones which were specifically designed keeping fashion and functionality in mind.

These earpieces have a remote and a microphone in them which can easily connect to any smart phone or other device through a Bluetooth connection. Also, the flexible fluoroelastomer material makes the Helix Cuff comfortable to wear and the anodised aluminium securely protects the concealed ear buds.


With a charging time of less than an hour and a battery back up of up to 3 hours, helix cuff have high and lucid sound quality. These can connect to 8 devices at a time via Bluetooth, and will automatically start when the last device comes into range. Compatible with both iOS and android devices and they come endowed with noise reduction technology and Bluetooth version 4.1. It also has a small control panel attached to it which can be used to answer calls, pause or play music, skip or rewind a song and adjust volume.


Helix cuff come in three different Fokine variants namely – black, white and a limited edition red. With the black and white earphones having a decoration of silver and gold embellishments.

Priced between $169-$299 , though the helix cuff is a bit expensive, but I personally assure all the tech loving geeks that this is a concept of earphone that will not disappoint you. Plus, you can’t lose them.


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