Google Home Details 2016
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Google Home Details 2016

Let us get into the details of what all you can do with the hands free google assistant, google home.


About Google Home 2016

Google Home is a voice activated, similar to Siri in Apple and Cortana in Microsoft, assistant which is powered by the google. All you need to say is ‘Ok Google’ and you’re good to go. Ask it anything you like, about the weather, about the match score, find places to eat, play music, podcasts or radio from google play music, Spotify, YouTube music, pandora and tunein; call someone or ask it anything you like. It’s always ready for your questions and always ready to help. After all, it’s your own Google. 


There’s more you can plan to do with it, with your permission, google home can know about you and get personal. And later, you can ask it do retrieve your flight tickets, set alarms and timers and even ask about the traffic on a specific lane or on the road to your workplace.


Features Of Google Home 2016 

1. Hi-Fi speakers :

It sports top notch quality speakers which without a doubt provide clear and lucid sound with a great bass. 

2. Far field voice recognition:

It features far field microphones which ensures that google home listens to every word you say to it and industry leading natural language processing makes sure google home comprehends what you’re saying to it to perform reliably. 

3. Customizable bases :

You can easily customize google home with simple twists and pulls with the optional base accessories tool. Bases are available in 7 different colors and you can choose your personal favorite and make google home fit for yourself. 

4. Touch Controls :

The top touch surface of google pixel provides total control and it comes with a mute button that lets you put google home’s microphone on standby. 


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