Google DayDream VR Glasses 2016
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Google DayDream VR Glasses 2016

Google revealed a lots of new gadgets which include Google Pixel, Google Home and Google DayDream VR glasses recently at the press conference held at Google. These products are to be launched in the market till December this year. Google DayDream is the Google’s approach at bringing Virtual reality to smartphones. DayDream is seen as a real advancement in the generation of VR by the Google. Pixel and Pixel XL will be the first smartphone devices to e DayDream ready. According to google DayDream will be launched in November and will be shipped from December.

According to Google we will be able to use these headsets for all android based devices after sometime from the release. It is material design unlike other VR glasses we have seen and is called DayDream view. For sliding the phone in there is given a latch and there is a smart controller for the headset. Google DayDream will run application and will run the games and giving the full experience of virtual reality. According to google there will 50 games and application available for these VR glasses in the Play Store.


The application to be released includes GunJack 2 which is a shooting game from the makers of EVE, Star-Chart is an application which allows us to explore our solar system.

Google has also asked HBO, Netflix and Hulu to make their DayDream apps ready in coming months and Google is constantly working to improve the application sync with their DayDream VR headset.


DayDream VR headset comes in a vibrant deign, as it looks like the other VR headsets but the texture is different and company has done really well in terms of material quality. The remote which comes these VR is the real deal as front the top it has a clickable touch screen which brings the virtual world to your door steps. There is also a app button which help you to bring the apps within your view and a home button which returns to the home screen of DayDream.


DayDream looks similar to the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR and through the remote we can swap between games, movies and apps using motion control. DayDream is totally optimized for the Android Nougat; it is a surprise that Google has given entire PlayStore within view inside DayDream VR.


Three basic things required to use the DayDream VR headset are:

  1. Chip must have a high quality system which must produce 60 frames-per-second playback, and to eliminate ghosting and lag there must be low persistence display.
  2. One of the important requirement is that the smartphone must have optimization for VR headsets.
  3. To boost the sense presence there must be top notch sensor present in the device you are using it with.

So overall it depends on the power and optimization of your smartphone, it does not matter what’s outside of your smartphone it deals with what is inside. As the devices it is compatible with are Pixel and Pixel XL these phone comes with 4GB of RAM and a running Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor whereas Pixel comes with 1080 FHD screen and Pixel XL comes with full QHD 2K screen, so it is obvious that the device will work at high quality with these smartphones.

Sources suggest for a normal VR configured smartphone DayDream will provide better performance but not as good as Rift and Vive but better than Gear VR.


Unity and Epic both have shown there support toward DayDream VR so it is a good news for gamer as it will open new ways for game developers to implement their new project through Google’s new VR headset.

And now about the how will it work on your device, it all depends on the Android Nougat if your device is VR compatible it will give you a platform to use DayDream VR headset no new application will be needed for running this device there can be some application for syncing your device with DayDream headsets but there is no need of any other application for running all you need is Android Nougat, VR compatible device and Google DayDream VR headsets and you will be able to enjoy the experience.


From a concept VR what more can we expect at such a low price of $79 and with optimal performance. Advancement in the technology has brought us to this, looking back we have seen a lots of new technology related to smartphones and they all have given us pleasure and fun.

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