Five Futuristic Concepts Designs
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Five Futuristic Concepts Designs

Concept technology are always very interesting be it related to cars, mobile phones or any other tech related stuff.

Here is a list of five concepts which we feel will leave you astonished:

  • Cloud Sofa: Created by innovator D. K. Wei. This marvellous piece is designed with a cloud in mind as this Cloud Sofa, as it is suggestively called. It is assumed to give you a feeling of sitting in your very own comfortable and personal cloud. Made from a plexiglass mold this cloud sofa is expected to have a magnet attached to its base which is supposed to cause enough magnetic field strong enough to keep the sofa floating.


  • The USBee: This concept is given by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic. The USBee is designed to avert the harm caused to contemporary USB drives. USB drives which are in use at the moment bear a disposition to quick damage, but the USBee which has an elastic neck which can bend when pressure is applied in any axis keeps the trouble of breaking at bay. It can easily fit into tight spaces. And the lines given at the tail give USBee a groovy and catchy look.


  • Sleek Egg Phone: The Egg Phone concept is something which is very likely to be a huge success amongst the tech geeks. Designed by Roman Tubl, this concept smartphone offers power packed features. As for instance, a screen which turns opaque as soon as the phone of left untouched or turned off  it also sports a USB connector at the bottom which makes it effortless to use for data transfer.


  • Nokia Morph: Is it a tablet? No. It’s a wristwatch. No, wait. It’s a smartphone. Keep calm fellas, it is the all-in-three Nokia Morph concept phone package. Designed by Nokia Research Centre (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre, United Kingdom. This smart concept phone aims to implicitly make a world where very different devices disclose an entirely new range of ideas.


  • Futuristic Glass: Designed by Japanese designer Mac Funamizu. This is smart concept which will bear all the features of a scanner, a digital camera and an Internet connected  wireless device. Japanese people usually come up with the coolest ideas and often create cool gizmos


Having said this, the very possibility of these designs mentions above turning into reality is bound to make heads turn.

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