Everything You Need To Know About The LG V20
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Everything You Need To Know About The LG V20

Apple is all set to release its iPhone 7 this September and so is LG with its LG V20 smart phone. LG V20, a successor to the LG V10 is expected to come out this September 6th in San Francisco, but it won’t be available in the markets until the end of this month allowing Google to officially release the new version of its OS Android 7 Nougat.


It is supposed that LG V20 is going to bear a similar build as LG V5 than its predecessor LG V10 which featured steel sides and silicone skin back. So, V20 is expected to have a metal she’ll rather than a silicone back.


Rumours also have it that the LG V20 is going to feature a 5.5 inch display with a resolution of 1920*1080, but from what we have gathered from the latest rumours is that it is going to have a 5.7 inch display with a resolution of 1440*2560, just like its forerunner. It has also been suggested that this smart phone is going to have a secondary screen placed above the main screen which will roughly measure 2.1 inches with a resolution of 1040*160. This screen will basically serve the function of checking notifications, time and providing quick access to favoured apps.


Adding more to this list, LG V20 is going to have a 6GB of RAM with snapdragon 820 Qualcomm processor. A 4000 mAh li-on battery and a full HD camera of 20 megapixels with laser auto focus and LED and a selfie camera of 8 megapixels.

What’s more is that it’ll come with a fast charging battery. And it will also provide the convenience of adding your fingerprint as your lock screen password.


All in all, this smart phone is really interesting and genius. It’s certain that it will come out this September with a loud bang.

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