Everything About Concept And Features Of The iPhone 8
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Everything About Concept And Features Of The iPhone 8

Apple Inc. California is all set to release its iPhone 7 in the market this early September. And they are planning to launch iPhone 8 next year at their 10thanniversary. It will be something grand as to celebrate their anniversary. As iPhone is and has always been termed as the most awaited device of all times. And from what we’ve collected from the rumors is that it’s very impressive and sexy.


According to the rumors, the all new iPhone 8 will have a radical design, with edge to edge display. There are rumors that touch ID and front facing camera will be in built in the screen itself. As Jony Ive, Chief designer of Apple had always wanted to introduce an iPhone that looks like a sheet of glass, it may be possible as iPhone 8 will be the product of his imagination.


It is also expected that power consumption will be reduced by the device for a better battery backup. Its display will also be the flexible with an OLED type, it will allow Apple to introduce a thinner device consuming less power and offering a better display output, the display is also expected to be curved on both sides with high contrast ratio and true life colors.


Dropping of the idea of aluminum body as it was used in the iPhone 6, 6s, SE and again launching the glass body used in iPhone 4, iPhone 7 is going to be the new strategy of Apple, Apple suppliers have also cleared this idea by saying “At least a single iPhone will be coming in 2017 having a glass body”.

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip which will be both efficient and faster. Rumors also suggest that iPhone 8 may include a long range wireless charging and addition of retina or facial scan.

It is also supposed that Apple is planning to launch a premium model having dual curve OLED display that will be sold besides the flat iPhone 8 models.

The biggest step for Apple is seen to be the change in its body design from aluminum to glass, as glass is more fragile and heavier, but it’s not problem says Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of Apple Inc. As the use of OLED can cut down a lot of weight which will not put any impact on the overall weight of the device.


The designing has been started A11 chip which is built on a 10-nanometer process, the first stage of the design is destined for the 2017 iPhones. The certification is expected to be achieved in late 2016, during this time the first 10-nanometer chip will be send to Apple for the validation.

The upgrades of A11 chip like all Apple chips will be both faster and more energy efficient and it will comprise in a small compact structure or you can say being small it can work more efficiently.

Apple Inc. is constantly working on the improvement of the charging technology. There are rumors that Apple is working on the long range wireless charging technology and it is expected that this feature will most probably be seen in the newer iPhones that are to be released in the year 2017 and later and is being called the next logical step for iPhone 8.


Since apple has made it a ritual to release its ever new model in the beginning of September, so the iPhone 8 is also expected to be launched around September next year.

Having said all this, the new phone in the Apple iPhone range is highly expected to create a huge deal of sensation amongst all the apple lovers and even the non-lovers.


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