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This smile smart watch from Emopulse has quite a different hypothesis, unlike all the other contemporary smart watches, take Apple Watch or pebble for instance, which follow the same trend as any other mechanical watch in the market only with some smart significant changes. But emopulse smile smart watch is not only an ordinary smart watch that you can just wear around your wrist and get ready to go, it’s an all rounder, an actual commercial product. Along with being a smart watch to adore your wrist, it is also packed with all the features and specialties of a smart phone, music player, gaming hub, social network, news feed, personal assistant and a stunning digital watch.


Though its first prototype was black and white, but all the newer and recent models have full colour OLED display. It has two screen display. The upper screen automatically activates when the arm is raised, while the lower part of the screen activates when the arm pointed upwards by twisting the wrist. The display is entrapped in an aluminium enclosure, complemented by a shock resistant and water proof glass from Schott.


The smile emopulse smart watch runs on an algorithm based, custom Linux AI operating system, with biosensors attached to the gizmo to collect information about the user and then utilises that information to help analyse specific processes.


Based on your taste or emotional response to a particular movie genre or a certain type of music, smile will automatically suggest you movies and songs. And the creators are planning on to increase the accuracy of the device over time.

To tell you more about the device, smile will be powered by low power, high speed OMAP 5 processor from Texas Instruments. The smile will sport a 2GB of system memory and either a 128 or 256 GB of included solid state memory.


Other features of smile include a nano SIM card slot which will allow the device to be paired to another smartphone via Bluetooth, or act as LTE ready smartphone in its own coziness. The smile will also automatically direct incoming phone calls to voice mail or text messages advising the caller to call back later at a more appropriate timing.

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