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This futuristic, intellectual, shape shifting gizmo was introduced just a few months back by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol at International Conference on Robotics and Automation [ICRA] in Stockholm, Sweden. And this has authenticated that this soon to exist in the future gizmo is what our geek friends are looking for.


Named as Cubimorph, this smart concept design is basically made up of self contained cubes with entrenched touch screens and can very easily alter its shape to fit different functions and lock together in prismatic armatures.


Designed by researcher Dr. Anne Roudaut at the University of Bristol, Cubimorph is a sexy concept which is, as quoted by Dr. Roudaut herself, “The first step towards a real modular interactive device.”
Cubimorph is made up of small LEGO like pieces of cubes which bear a special and cutely hidden hinges which are used to connect the cubes. And what’s more, the cubes come with touch screens on all of the six sides of it. It might give some of you a faint feeling that Minecraft has become a smartphone.


The touchscreen blocks that it bears are combined in different types of shapes and varied formats. Cubimorph can be easily transformed into a smartphone, a tablet, a gaming console or in short, anything that you want it to be. You can easily reshape it or remodel it as you please.


Well, having said all this much, I hope that you all are waiting for it to hit the markets. Cause I am thoroughly excited for this. Although it is difficult to imagine how Cubimorph actually looks like, but I really hope that the pictures given below help.

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