Concept Phone Designs 2016
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Concept Phone Designs 2016

Three concept phone designs that are bound to catch your attention:

Our top 3 picks are:

1. Multimedia concept phone: Designed by designer Jakub Lekeš, the super cool and interesting features this smart phone possesses beats the extent to which this phone has been designed. It has an OLED touch screen with a qwerty keyboard which is hidden under the display. It also sports a 4.3 megapixels camera with autofocus and digital zoom support on its back. The side of the phone shows its running track which according to me is the most captivating feature available on this smart device.

2. Eclipse Intuit Phone: Designed by Eddie Goh this smart concept phone has, basically, all the important features that we want in a cell phone. I has a strong 5 megapixels of camera and has a built in software in it for editing and uploading images to photo gallery or on the internet. It also has a slide out keyboard with touch screen and tactile feedback. A nice and big touch screen front and centre complements this phone. The coolest feature that I found on this phone was the material it is made up of: chemically based thin solar screen, which is used to charge the phone battery when ever it is exposed to any kind of light. Now, this is a smart phone every person who spend a majority of their time with or on their cell phones.

3. Nanokia: Designed by designer Mac Funamizu, this smart phone is specially designed to be one of its kind. It has a complete Apple standard livery. It uses a nodescript tactile feedback technology, it has a genius surface that gladly adapts itself to different purposes while the e-ink screen attached to it can cover the phone in graphics and information.


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