Breett 3D VR Glasses 2016
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Breett 3D VR Glasses 2016

A virtual reality headset is currently the best way to experience the various ideas and contents available. And if you’re looking for a virtual reality headset which might fit into your budget , then Breett VR 3D glasses are the right pick for you. The BTVR001 model by Breett is made up of ABS and environmental friendly resin material which is very durable and reliable. It bears a dimension of 118x110x135 mm. And has a weight of 365 grams and is compatible with every mobile phone with a screen size of 4.7 to 6 inches which includes iPhones, android phones and windows phones. 


The Lens diameter is 42mm with optical Aspheric resin lenses. And you can easily adjust the pupil distance by carefully rolling the left to right button to get the best 3D experience. The ergonomic head design claims a balanced stressed condition in three points on the head, lessening 30% pressure to the eyes. 


It’s a comparatively cheaper and a better option for amateur gamer’s to play 3D games. 


It’s package contains :

  1. A VR glass
  2. User manual
  3. Wet/dry alcohol pads 
  4. Cleaning cloth
  5. Sponge pad

Now, there’s a lot of different games you can try and you can even download it form the website of 3D visual effect. All in all, Breett 3D VR glasses are a good pick with a nice display and comfortable and easy to use interface. 


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