Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones
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Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless are the companies first Bluetooth earphones in the market to be launched soon. As we all know Bose is the renowned name in the sound industry. It has been the biggest question among the people which Bluetooth earphone is best, according to me there is still some advancement to come in further year in this category as each and every earphones comes with its own drawbacks. The problem with these Bluetooth earphones are some of them does not fit properly, some have low audio output and much more. Let’s check out what Bose serves in these SoundSport Earphones.


A small percentage of earphones were sold and the user experienced problem with heavy sweat, so Bose has declared that there will be some new updated to the design and the new earphones will be out in the market in no time.

Bose SoundSport may not be the best Bluetooth earphones, but I can say they are the best earphones in the market as compared to other Bluetooth earphones. What makes them ahead among others is its sound quality, good built, affordable price of $140, $150, $250 and they best part is that they fit perfectly. Some of its drawbacks are battery life is very less about 6 hours, earphones are little bulky but when you wear them they don’t feel like they are heavy. The earphones come in aqua and black color and company is thinking to introduce yellow color this month.


Bose SoundSport are equipped with a special feature of StayHear tips which is different form the earlier version of Bose’s in-ear earphones, and they aren’t changeable. These earphones can cause some trouble when worn inside certain helmets as the earpiece extend out for the ears.

Some of its rival earphones are Monster’s Adidas Sport Adistar, Beats’ Powerbeats 2 wireless and Jaybird’s X2 –give the feature of clinching up the chord for those who like chord near the neck. With Bose’s SoundSport you cannot adjust the chord length, but Bose has a better option out of this they have provided a clip that you can hook at the back of your t-shirt and the chord won’t disturb you anymore. I tried it and I find it more easy and comfortable than clinching up the chord.


If there will be any criticism of these earphone will take place, then it will be because of the bulkiness of the earpieces. But it does not feel bulky or heavy while wearing it.

Only drawback of the floating fit is that the ambient sound does not leak in which creates a problem using these earphones in a noisy environment.Bose has already taken this problem under consideration and they are upcoming with a new model having QuietControl 30 which probably the best active noise cancellation.


I had no trouble pairing these earphones with my iPhone 6S and One Plus 3, as due to near-field communication tap-to-pair technology offered by the Bose for devices like Samsung that support this feature.

Overall these earphones worth the price at which they are offered, and one of the best in this price range.

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