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BlackBerry Empathy

BlackBerry is all set to launch its BlackBerry Empathy in the market. Though it is pointy at the top and bottom but it is assured that it is not a successor of BlackBerry 7100. it is designed at the Art Center College of Design and is based on the RIM-sponsored design project that has an ability to detect the emotions of its user. It is not really clear the way it would perform such an operation but the bio-metric feedback rings which is to be worn by the user gets connected to the phone and the same ring collects the emotional data. He bio-metric ring test the users heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc.


The emotional data is made visible to the contacts so that they may know about your well-being. The same is with the other user wearing the ring, you can check on his emotional state if you are on his contact list.

It has got a OLED touch screen that is transparent when not in use and opaque at other times. It has got an angular body which is designed by RIM which always designs serious smartphones, but this device looks just opposite to it.


We cannot call it a proper BlackBerry until there is a physical keyboard in it, but the keyboard in BlackBerry is located at is back.


The release dates are not out now but it is clear from the assumption that we’ll not be seeing BlackBerry Empathy anytime soon. There’s a long way for mood rings to become reality, and it is also important that the person whose emotional state you want to know must wear the mood ring and you must be on his/her contact list. As design looks incredible but it does not seem-pocket friendly.


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