Black Label Retroxis 
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Black Label Retroxis 

If you’re looking for a phone which gives away a retro feeling and that reflects clean and beautifully designed features with maximum control and functions, then we’re very happy to say that Black Label Retroxis is the smart concept phone for you.


Designed by Lim Sze Tat, the Black Label Retroxis is an aesthetic piece in its own. Built with highly polished polycarbonate, reputed for being lightweight and tough and the invisible OLED display which goes away, silently, when left inactive or untouched compliments the clean and voguish looks of this smart phone.

Its specifications include a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and a video playback. It has external OLED display and supports internal 262k TFT LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity, a document viewer and an email client.


Although the concept for this smart phone came out a few years ago, it still looks very simple and sexy and its classic looks gives it a more realistic design. I will strongly put stress on its looks because from where I see it, I believe looks are a major plus point for this smart phone.


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