Best VR Games 2016
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Best VR Games 2016

Best VR games for the best VR’s in the market right now:

Fantastic Contraption :

This game was primarily released in the year 2008, but was later reprogrammed for mobile phones and now it’s been shifted to work on VR headgears which is certainly its true place. All this game requires is your presence of mind as all you have to do is create weird and innovative contraptions to solve little puzzles. It’s a good way to kill your time as it requires mind bending and really sets your creativity on track. 


Dragon Front :

This is one for the lovers of board or card games. Dragon Front proves that even card games can claim a place in the VR games’ list. It’s been basically designed over everyday card collecting games. This game is all about strategy and it’s been scheduled to be released in 2016. 


The Climb :

This is another game designed by Crytek for Xbox one and Oculus Rift. The Climb, a climbing game is one of its kind, amazing and intriguing first person games that includes aesthetic and fine detailed sceneries which is totally worth checking out.


  • For PlayStation VR :

Batman Arkham VR :

This game is something to look forward to if you proudly possess a PlayStation VR headgear. The Dark Knight has had plenty of manifestations, but with this VR game it’s different as the rocksteady studio designers are toiling with Batman’s detective skills in this VR game, including locations like Wayne Manor and the batcave. 


  • For Samsung Gear VR :

Dead Secret :

If you’re a fan of mystery and horror games, then dead Secret is the game for you. This game is an amalgamation of thriller, mystery and horror. Dead Secret requires you to put on your thinking caps and brain storm the puzzles to solve the murder case of Harris Bullard. There are plenty of cryptic clues, puzzles, reading materials and mainly requires loads of presence of mind. It’s a great game to try on your Samsung VR headset. 


  • For Google Cardboard :

Chair in a room :

This is another horror game which is hell bent to scare the living shit out of you. Chair in a room is a smartly titled game in which you’re only given a flashlight in a dark room to make out the things that come into view. If dead Secret doesn’t do it’s trick then, this game is certain to scare you. 


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