Best Video Game Design 2016
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Best Video Game Design 2016 

It’s always hard to shortlist concept games from a never ending list of amazing and enthralling games with their astounding game-play and aesthetic concept art play. 

Our top 3 picks are :

1.Manifold Garden :

Originally titled ‘Relativity’ this smart concept game is an ovation to the M. C. Escher’s famous optical illusion where people on steps come out to defy gravity. The previous version of this game was gray in color and features sharper edges. Now, the game has been renamed as Manifold Garden and Escher’s influence is easier to notice now. The pallet and the display of this game has been softened now and the edges have been given a pencil touch to them and have been defined. The iOS version of this game is known as ‘Monument Valley’. 


2.Fallout 4 :

Fallout 4 has an apocalyptic game play, where mankind is completely ravaged by its own nuclear and unreasonable feelings that everyone is trying to harm you which leads to deadly consequence of mutually assured destruction. Unlike the other games in this franchise, fallout 4 opens up with bomb droppings. Stephan Matiniere’s captivating art work captures this moment just right and clearly explains the first few minutes of the game in just one simple image. 


3.No man’s sky :

This game’s artwork with its stark landscapes and vivid lines will remind you of those 1970’s science fiction movies. In the understated pallet, a mysterious crystal can be seen levitating inauspiciously over a glowing planet and in front of a looming moon which makes it difficult to make out whether it’s a force for good or bad, which only adds more power to the games artwork. This smart game has an interesting art work and a captivating concept, to say in the least, this game is refreshing and feels anew every time you play it. 


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