ASUS ZenBeam A1 2016
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ASUS ZenBeam E1 2016

If you want to gift your family or your next of kin a headlong present this Christmas, then ASUS ZenBeam E1 projector is the surprise for you. It is based on an LED system, similar to the JmGo view and even though it isn’t very bright at 150 lumens, it is, without a doubt, much brighter than the Sony MP-CL1. The ASUS ZenBeam E1 is compact, lightweight and sturdy, with a dimension of 83x29x110 mm and weighing just a little over 300 grams. Although it’s not very thin or tiny so it can be easily carried around in your pocket, but it’s still portable enough. 


It doesn’t sport a lot of fancy buttons, and it only projects images through a Miracast, an HDMI, or an USB flash drive. Picture settings can be easily accessed via the menu button, and it also features a volume rocker and input selection buttons. And for a hundred percent perfect focus, there is a physical focus dial button, which is the best way to achieve an accurate focus. 


It also supports the feature of key-stoning, which is a mandatory feature for portable projectors.  All it lacks is a stand for support, and the user needs to use books and other objects in order to keep the device adjusted to a right angle. The quality provided by the speakers is of an average quality, similar to those provided by an everyday smartphone, but the company has provided an aux port to allow the user to plug in an external set of speakers.


The display, color reproduction and image quality are quite good, though it is still recommended to choose a darker room if you want to see dark images and scenes. It provides a maximum resolution of 480p, you can envisage how big the projected image will be. This is the reason which makes this portable projector suitable for activities like presentations, and watching movies or videos. Although watching movies will only be half as much enjoyable if you aren’t sitting closer to the screen. 


Priced at Rs.16583.14, ASUS ZenBeam E1 portable projector may not be the best or the smartest projector out there, but it is still has its advantages. It’s portable, lightweight and to top it all, affordable. 

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