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Apple Watch 2: Release date and rumors.

As the release date of the highly awaited apple watch 2 is steadily approaching its deadline, the rumor mills have also started to grind. When the apple watch was first released 13 months back it became the best-selling wearable device, with a substantially high shipment of 4.2million. And as the date is slowly closing in, plenty of gossip have come pouring in. This has mustered up enough buzz that even Siri is in a state of technological oblivion. Well, this was quite expected as Apple obviously would not like to give away such eventful information. To stir the conversation, Apple CEO Tim Cook has mocked, “You’ll see the Apple Watch getting better and better.”

We don’t have a lot of time to talk about this for very long, so let us just cut to the chase. The second generation of Apple watch is most likely to be out by September alongside iPhone 7’s launch and is expected to cost more or less the same as the current watch.

Gathering from the rumors, Apple Watch is a fine leap when it comes to improvements, with better native app support, tether less Wi-Fi, full competency to watch videos and reply to e-mails and make FaceTime audio calls.


Rumor has it that the next gen watch will be 40% thinner than its prototype. It will have a better battery life reducing the tension of running to your charger very frequently


Here’s an outlook on what we all expect from the much awaited smartwatch of the year:

  • A round dial: Apple is going to launch the watch OS 2 with multiple shape alternatives, so the user can choose between a square and round face design.
  • Android congeniality: This is certainly not going to happen, but the concept of it sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? It would certainly make Apple watch a strong component if it starts showing amicability with Android devices. Now, who wouldn’t want to see that happen
  • More storage: The Apple launched Apple Watch with a built in storage of 8GB. But wouldn’t it be thrilling if apple decides to expand its storage space?
  • An edgier screen: Although the Apple watch can be easily analogized with other smartwatches, but what they all lack is an adept display and this is something which we eagerly want to observe in the Watch OS 2.


  • Better Battery life: Apart from Pebble, only a few other smartwatches offer a remarkable battery life. So this is another feature that we expect Apple to complete.


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