Alienware Gaming Device
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Alienware Gaming Device

Well, it’s hard to make out if this device is a tablet or a phablet, but what’s certain is that this smart concept is an Alienware Gaming Device. This device, conjured up by designer Sylvian Bryan exudes a puissant impact. An OLED technology, sliding portion and a main screen bit, with narrow bezels are a few of the many hallmarks of its alluring design.

This device basically has three different versions, if you give it a detailed glance.


The concepts are defined as:

  • Concept A: This being an OLED proposal has a screen wraparound the whole unit which makes the device rigid helping it further in staying perpendicular, if demanded. For product functionality, there’s an internal shell that houses all the electronics.
  • Concept B: This proposal personages the Alienware brand with a massive approach and a slide out control mechanism. It sports a traditional display and its front have creates a cadre which is as ravishing as Alienware’s extended range of laptop.
  • Concept C: This version of Alienware Gaming Device is an archetypal slider smartphone, with an assertive and angular approach. QWERTY keyboard, Skype and productivity are a few of the several operations this gaming device endows.

For some this a voguish laptop, while others effectively reprise it as an oversized Nintendo DS, where as for some it is just another ordinary piece of plastic with a high definition quality screen attached to its front.


Well, it’s upto the tech geeks now to decide which of the above mentioned concepts is the best. As far as our judgement goes, we really prefer the typical slider smartphone version of Alienware gaming device. Despite the fact that it appears to be a little old fashioned and quite complicated, with its QWERTY keyboard and action buttons, but we still prefer the one that slides. No school like the old school, now.

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