5 Smart Phone Concept That Are Way Too Smart And Intelligent
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5 Smart Phone Concepts That Are Way Too Smart And Intelligent

Well, today we’re going to talk about super smart and super interesting concept phone stereotypes that we think are way beyond our geeky imagination to become true. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. AQUA: Just as the name suggests this phone is typically water based with a graphical user interface and a water display. It has been created by designer Bon Seop Ku. And the thing that I find the most interesting is that you can easily shrug off the display by simply ruffling your hand against the screen. Plus, it will sport a battery that’s basically sports a liquid type. Although I find this concept really sexy, but I’m still unsure how it’s going to operate. Well, let’s leave that our technology nerds to deal with that.


2. Bend mobile: I know this concept has become very old fashioned now, but the idea of it really tingles my geeky senses. This Bend Mobile concept phone designed by Andy Kurovets is basically a smart device that can bend and supports two screen display in a single handset. It has a sleek and intelligent design, nothing very artsy or exaggerated. But I really think this will be a smart piece of gadget.

3. Blackberry Empathy: This smart phone is nothing like our ordinary Blackberry handsets that we use or are available to us in the market. From its shape, size and riveting looks to its enthralling features, this is a smartphone every gizmo lover is going to approve of. It showcases a tactile keyboard, flexible OLED screen, a double sided screen and a keypad that slides out. Now, this is a sexy and smart concept that we really admire.

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4. Wearable Mobile Phone With Finger Touch Functions: This smart concept phone is for every person who loves to chat. This mobile phone can be worn around your hand making talking on the phone simpler and lighter. And to make it easier and comfortable to use it has simpler functions and takes help of an instinctive input method named “finger joint”. There’s still a lot of news and rumours going on about this smart device, but all I’m going to say is that, this is is going to be a really great innovation in the history of smart phones.

5. Celsius X VI II: This luxury phone is a $300k dollar super sexy, intelligent and magical device. The sad news about this device is that the company that produces it intends to create only about 50 pieces of it in two limited edition versions. About the phone, it has a carbon fibre body and a 3.2 megapixels camera. And about its price, well, who cares about the money?


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