5 Concept Phones That We Wish Become A Reality
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5 Concept Phones That We Wish Become A Reality

Top 5 concept phones that we wish will soon become a reality.

  • LG Traveler Concept Phone: This intelligent concept is given by Andrew Zheng and must I say it’s really impressive. It is basically a think and sleek smart phone with a touch button keypad. It bears an eccentric shape which is solely given to it to provide better grip and support. The rubber grip on both of its sides improves its look gives it a cool.


  • The Kambala Ear Phone: This concept given by designer Ilshat Garipov is a cool smart concept phone that not only works as a mobile, but can also be converted into an earphone. It is made up of multilayered polymer and even its all components hosts the same material. It has a continuous flexi-screen with a majority of sensors that make up the surface and also sports the ability to transmit the images that are on the inside of the phone to the outside. This clip-in smartphone concept is going to be an one of its kind invention.


  • Eco Möbius Smartphone: This phone concept given in 2013 is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award in the same year has been given by a team at China’s ZTE Corp. It’s a very groovy and sexy concept for a smartphone and what’s more? You can easily customise or interchange your smart device hardware piece by piece. Now that is completely beyond your wildest imaginations, innit?


  • VEGA Phone: Well, this is another beautiful concept in the world of smartphones and it’s totally a marvellous piece of gizmo. Designed by Simone Savini, this smart concept phone perfectly fits into the palm of your hand and very beautifully silhouettes against your body. This device is very classy and eye catching and sports black and white display which adds another elegant touch to its sleek design.


  • Sony Xperia X: This smart concept given by designer Abel Verdezoto is a really smart generalisation for a smartphone. It has a 4.6 inch touch screen display and a body design that is pretty slim and sleek. This slim design makes it convenient to keep it in your jeans pocket or even store it in your purse.



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